the start of a meaningful relationship. 

The thankyou Campaign raises money for charity by offering Gift Card Rewards. 


More people give more money more often when they are recognized. The thankyou campaign is a cause-engagement campaign designed to engage and connect new consumers to worthy causes by rewarding them with Gift Cards and Prizes. thankyou Cards are offered through dedicated websites and live channels which are designed to educate the buyer on the cause they are helping support. 

For each card sold, the charity receives a donation and new supporter.


Its simple, rewarding, and meaningful. 

After buying a ThankYou Card;

- 85% of buyers would support the charity again in the future,

- 45% would like to be updated on its activity,

- 20% would support regularly.


Since 2008, we have proudly raised over $50,000,000 from over 1 million new supporters for extraordinary charities.


thankyou Campaign - Press Release

Engaged Rewards Launches thankyou Card Campaign To Acquire New Supporters For Charities.

Summary: Engaged Rewards has announced the launch of a no-cost digital fundraising platform to attract more supporters for charity programs.


Press Release: Engaged Rewards, a consumer engagement platform, has announced the launch of its philanthropic initiative the thankyou Campaign. The goal of this project is to engage and acquire new supporters for charities, at no cost to the charities. The thankyou Campaign is aimed at boosting consumer acquisition and enhancing engagement for important charitable causes by leveraging its digital consumer engagement platform and expertise.


Engaged Rewards Reward has built the process to be turnkey, simple, and friendly for all users. Consumers simply give a fixed sum to join a project supporting a specific charity and initiative. They will receive a thankyou eGift that can be redeemed online for gift card packs of their favorite brands. The rewards can be used for food, drinks, snacks, movies, and meals at their favorite restaurants, which makes it a valuable ThankYou, especially during these challenging times. The idea behind thankyou Campaign is ‘Celebrate Kindness, and it happens more often’


The thankyou Campaign will distribute the profits to the partnering charity to aid in a specific goal. As more people join the program, more charities will benefit. The initiative will be launched in partnership with various charities focusing on health, poverty, animal welfare, and the environment. Engaged Rewards has identified 5 major projects which have been planned under the thankyou Campaign and will include projects such as supporting families, feeding children, planting trees, saving animals, and helping children living in poverty.


Participating charities benefit from the turnkey and engaging platform and the thankyou Campaign markets, promotes, and facilitates the entire process for the charity, at no cost.

“Given what’s going on today, charities need more help than ever before,” explains Dovy Ainsworth, the Founder, and CEO of Engaged Rewards. “More people need their support and they have fewer fundraising options. We are very well positioned and experienced to help charities get new supporters and funding, while they focus on delivering on their mission”

The first project under thankyou Campaign is to benefit the Children's Health Fund for their Covid-19 Emergency Response and Recovery Fund. The project is scheduled for a July launch and will run for six months or until the goal of providing support for 50,000 children in the areas where it is needed the most across the U.S is reached.

“The thankyou Campaign partnership provides consumers the chance to support the mission of Children's Health Fund while also getting something of value that they can enjoy in return.  It truly is a win-win for all” says Maisel Mazier, Corporate Relations Director at Children’s Health Fund “We are excited about the prospects of this collaboration”.    

Engaged Rewards was founded by serial entrepreneur Dovy Ainsworth, who has pioneered philanthropic initiatives internationally for over 20 years. He has received government recognition for his innovation and success in philanthropy and has developed programs that supported Susan G. Komen, Make a Wish, The Nature Conservancy, Save the Children, City of Hope, March of Dimes, and others.


About Engaged Rewards:


Engaged Rewards is an enhanced reward platform, featuring global iconic (CPG) brands, curated into an engaging and enjoyable experience, powered by gift cards. This pioneering approach positions Engaged Rewards as a preferred solution for businesses and nonprofits to engage and motivate their members to do better.


Since 2008, Engaged Rewards has built engaged commerce for global CPG brands (Pepsi, Coke, Mars, Unilever, P&G), helped extraordinary charities (Susan G. Komen, Save the Children, Special Olympics), improved performance for businesses, and rewarded more than 50 million consumers for doing good.

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