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GiftPax delivers engaging rewards

How many times does your company give employees or consumers a gift card as a reward or incentive and it’s simply not remembered a few days (or even a few hours) later? GiftPax wants to help you make these rewarding moments even more enjoyable for the people who receive them. GiftPax rewards elevates the traditional gift card model by bundling rewards from major brands into memorable gifting experiences.

“Gift Cards alone are glorified coupons – available everywhere, forgettable, and only cover a portion of the usual purchase. At GiftPax, we are focused on real appreciation and engagement with gift cards. Using the most popular brands people already buy daily, we bundle them into enjoyable reward experiences, business can expect better results from their gift card spend,” explains Dovy Ainsworth, founder and Chief Executive Officer at GiftPax Rewards.

The GiftPax platform offers 100+ gifting experiences from 50+ major brands across food, entertainment, and wellness categories. Participating brands include Pepsi and Hershey’s. Customers simply choose a gifting experience and receive a pack of eGifts in their email, making it much more effective and enticing than traditional gift cards.

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