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GiftPax introduces a better way to reward

GiftPax is a new range of digital gift cards designed for business rewards to offer stronger engagement, choice, and value for employees and customers.

GiftPax is making a gift card people will actually use:

71% of businesses use gift cards for their employee and customer rewards. But these gift cards are for a set value at a specific location, and usually cover less than half the cost of what the recipient purchases (who spends $10 at Amazon or $20 at Disney, anyway?). Essentially, it’s a forgotten discount.

GiftPax Gift Cards elevate the reward from a transaction to a memorable and enjoyable experience by bundling vouchers from top brands and the hottest new brands into a thoughtfully curated gift pack. GiftPax rewards are easy, flexible, and quickly redeemable online. The GiftPax platform offers 100+ gifting experiences from 50+ major brands across food, entertainment, and wellness.

The better rewards program offers significant discounts for businesses:

GiftPax offers businesses more value than traditional gift cards, by passing on discounts it receives from participating brands to its business clients. Brands pay or discount to be part of the GiftPax gifting experiences, and GiftPax shares those saving with its business clients. With these discounts, business can save significantly OR give more value to their recipients for even higher engagement.

Better Results for Business:

With GiftPax, business can give engaging, popular, and high value rewards to their employees and customers and see a better response rate for its reward spend activity. GiftPax can be purchased from major gift card distributors so integration into existing reward programs is simple and automatic.

About GiftPax Rewards:

GiftPax creates bundled e-rewards for businesses and nonprofits to build the first ecosystem of engaged commerce. GiftPax bundles rewards from top brands to elevate the boring gift card to a memorable experience. This not only delivers a more engaging consumer experience, but also drives better results for businesses. Since 2008, GiftPax has sold over 50 million GiftPax internationally for major brands, nonprofits, and businesses.

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