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DailyBurn joins GiftPax Rewards platform

DailyBurn joins GiftPax as a supplier for at home fitness for its GiftPax Gift Experiences.

DailyBurn is a health and fitness company with a membership of approximately 2.5 million that provides workout and nutrition programs on a variety of web, mobile, and TV apps.

GiftPax is proud to include health and wellness options as part of its range of everyday Gifting Experiences.

About Daily Burn

Founded in 2007, Daily Burn is a leading on demand fitness brand dedicated to helping people live better lives. Daily Burn offers a library of more than 750 streaming workouts taught by certified trainers – everything from cardio to Pilates to bodyweight training – along with personalization tools to help subscribers discover the perfect workout for their goals and fitness level. The company is headquartered inNew Yorkand owned and operated by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC). Learn more at

About GiftPax Rewards:

GiftPax creates Gift Cards for Business and Nonprofits designed to engage, inspire, and encourage people to do better. GiftPax introduces the top selling CPG brands (Pepsi, Hershey’s) and the most popular gift cards in bundled-gift experience designed to elevate the reward from a transaction to a memorable experience that drives better results for businesses. Participating brands pay (or discount) to be part of gifting experiences and GiftPax shares those costs with its business clients, offering significant discounts to business over traditional gift cards. Engagement, Choice, and Value make GiftPax Gift Cards an integral part of a business's employee and customer rewards. Since 2008, GiftPax has sold over 50 million GiftPax internationally for major brands, nonprofits, and businesses.

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