Meet GiftPax.

An online Gifting Experience designed to engage, inspire, and encourage better results.


You Give

They Choose

They Get


So you always give the perfect reward.

100+ Gifting Experiences from Top Brands Available.

Avaliable Brands


Its time to give more.

GiftPax Gift Card comes with 50% Bonus Value on every card. You get a better result from your rewards when you give more of it.


  • $10 Gift Card - $15 Loaded Value

  • $20 Gift Card - $30 Loaded  Value

  • $50 Gift Card - $75 Loaded Value 

We stand out and fit right into your business.

We feature the brands and offers that best match your audience and objectives.


And can help in many ways.

Our cost model allows you to increase your engagement and acquisition campaigns with Gift Cards.


How it Works.


You Give

They Choose

They Get

GiftPax eGifts are emailed to your recipients with a link to choose their GiftPax.


  • $1-100 denomination

  • API integration 
  • Order from your existing provider    

The recipient chooses their Gifting Experiences and uses their GiftPax eGift at check out.

  • 100+ options to choose from

  • 6 popular categories 

  • Simple check out 

The recipient gets their eGifts via email for in-store or online redemption. 

  • Order received within 1 day

  • Live customer support 

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

  • 94% found it easy to use

  • 85% highly satisfied 

  • 98% want another one

Who doesn't like chocolate?

The certificates we're surprisingly easy to redeem at Target and sharing chocolate with fellow teachers was a treat!


Loving this idea.

Get Better Results with GiftPax Rewards

53 Million

GiftPax Sold Since 2008

GiftPax creates Gift Cards for Business and Nonprofits designed to engage, inspire, and encourage people to do better.


Businesses use Gift Cards as a reward for positive activity. GiftPax makes sure the reward is valuable, engaging, and appreciated to ensure that activity is repeated.


We are about elevating the reward from a transaction to a memorable experience that drives results for businesses.

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