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Better Fundraising.

Gift Card Fundraising is easy for the sponsor, fun for the sellers, and offers high value for the buyers. Our Gift Cards are redeemed online for top brands people love, there is no product to handle, and it's simple and safe. And you keep 50% of the profits of all sales.

Made Simple.

Just sell Gift Cards and let buyers choose their favorite options online.

3 Fundraising Options. 


Gift Card bundles

Food + entertainment gift card bundles. 

Sell for $30. Keep 50% Profit.

The Gift Card bundles card is redeemed online from over 100 Gift Card bundles. Buyers can choose from Food, Treats, Restaurants, Movies, Magazines, Music, Games, and Fitness bundles. Excellent gift idea or keep them for yourself!

We email buyers their eGift

Buyer choose bundles with their eGift

Buyers gets thier bundle


Sell for $18.

Keep 50% Profit.


New Release Streaming  

We email buyers their eGift 

Everyone loves movies. Our Movie Fundraiser gives buyers a choice of over 100 top movies to choose from and watch on any device. No subscription required, just choose a movie and enjoy. 

Buyer chooses Movie to watch with thier eGift

They can watch on any device



Print or Digital. 

Sell for $20

Keep 50% Profit.

Sell Magazine eGift for $20

Buyer chooses their Magazine with eGift

The ultimate magazine fundraiser. Your buyers can now choose between print or digital and from over 100 top titles, something for everyone. 




Buyers gets Print or Digital

  • Top Brands: With Gift Card Fundraising, you can now sell the most popular brands people ALREADY buy, offering your buyers excellent value in whatever they choose! 

  • Choice: You only sell the Gift Card and your buyers have a choice from over 100 options they can choose later, which makes selling much easier!   

  • High Profits: Your School or Group earn 50% profits on all sales and we provide free tools to increase results

  • Simple: No product to handle, no missed deliveries, just an awesome fundraiser!  

  • Safe: The entire fundraiser (Set up, Selling, Payments, and Delivery) is touchless

Getting Started.

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We will send you brochures and set up your online store 

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