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We use rewards to engage and acquire new advocates for brands, businesses, and charities.

Reward Platform

Rewards for Good

thankyou Rewards is an online reward platform designed for brands, businesses, and charities to reward people for doing good.


Better together.

Our Rewards are carefully-crafted food and entertainment gift card bundles from iconic and emerging brands. Each bundle delivers an everyday experience. From dinner and a movie, dessert, and magazines, to fitness and music, receipts enjoy and share reminds them of why they got the reward and motivates them to get another one.




The thankyou Card

Bulk buy Gift Cards for business and nonprofits

A more rewarding experience.

The Thankyou Card is redeemable online Businesses mostly offer the same rewards and mostly for some money towards a store, not too exciting or motivating.


The thankyou eGift Card helps a business stand out and show they give some thought in how they appreciate.


Businesses and nonprofits use our cards for employee, customer, and donor engagement, participation, acquisition, loyalty, and advocacy.

After receiving a thankyou card:

  • 94% found it easy to use

  • 85% highly satisfied 

  • 98% want another one


The thankyou Campaign

Turnkey fundraising and awareness for nonprofits

Using our Rewards for Good.

Engaged Rewards has launched the thankyou campaign to raise money and awareness for charities from new supporters.


Each thankyou campaign is built for a specific charity with a dedicated fundraising page, team, and plan designed to educate consumers on its mission and introduce a new supporter to a great cause. 

After joining the thankyou campaign:

  • 85% would support in the future

  • 45% would like to be updated

  • 20% would support regularly.

About Us

Since 2012, our group of has worked with global brands, fortune 500 businesses, and extraordinary charities. Together, we have provided 50m+ rewards and helped Charites around the world raise over $100m.